Monday, July 14, 2008

Biography of Jung Chang
Wild Swans, censored

Core Studio
Spring 2008

The Chinese-British author Jung Chang is famous for her book, Wild Swans, selling over 20 million copies worldwide. The book is an autobiographical family history following the lives of three women of three different generations - Jung’s grandmother, mother and Jung herself - in Communist China. Jung’s goal as a writer is to bring aware of Mao’s evil deeds to the Western world. Through the redesign of the book, I wish to help push the author’s message on a different level.

This new edition of the Wild Swans is a project on the author Jung Chang and censorship. This publication will show the world the truth about Communist China and its strict rules not just in the text, but on the text as well. Donned in black streaks of markings and holes of breakdowns, the book is paralleling the life of Jung Chang to her emotions in Mao’s China. It is created to let the Western world experience censorship as is. If you are living in China, this is what you can and cannot read; it is bringing China to you.