Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taiwanese Film Festival 2010

Director of Design
Summer 2010

The Taiwanese Film Festival 2010 was another success. I am very happy and honored to have led the design this year with Ivy Mao. The branding was focused on the everyday Taiwan - something real and something cultural (but not overly cultural of course). We chuckled and laughed at the idea of the electric fan - something so odd and neglected, and whimsical perhaps due to its shape. But neverless, it was the saviour to the very humid and extremely hot summers of Taiwan. We voted on the idea and held a photoshoot with Pinky Li as our model at Ivy Mao's home - which was decorated with some very traditional Taiwanese furnitures. Then comes the typography - Letter Gothic and Franklin Gothic Pro for the English, and a stretched Hei for the Chinese (yes, I know to never stretch type but for this particular case it turned out great). We even used the Chinese punctuation mark - the circular period - for enhancement.

We had a great team of designers this year: Daisy Wu, Ivy Mao, Spencer Lee, Lily Poon and Teresa Chen. Thank you everybody for the hardwork, we put on a great show! Oh, and shame on you if you missed it (kidding, but we would love for you to join us next year at TWFF2011).

Monday, May 3, 2010

We dream of the Universe.

Graduation Exhibition 2010
May 2010

The We dream of the Universe. booklet series is my graduation project for the spring semester of the year 2010. I would like to thank instructor Sharon Romero for her constant support, my dream projector, the guiding voices in my dream, my dream guardian Guan Yin, my classmates and Howard.

Each dream has been recorded and rewritten to the accuracy of my memory. Each concept has been shaped and interpreted through these nocturnal therapies. Each idea is honest. Each word is genuine. I lay my dreams out to share; because through the act of sharing drea
ms, will we solve the Universe and of Life.


Hidden worlds or not, I believe dreams are powerful. They are sources of creativity. We can find valuable answers, illuminating inspirations, and brilliant revelations through these nocturnal therapies.

The activity of sharing dreams has been a daily practice conducted by the early civilizations and the indigenous peoples long ago. In our modern culture, we have neglected this part of life. I wish to bring back this ancient practice that had been once celebrated to enrich our creative thinking and aid us in the understanding of the Universe and of Life. Perhaps through the act of sharing dreams, will we unravel the true Universe undiscovered by science.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

leBizarre pARTy 2 Poster &
Call-for-Submission Poster

March 2010

This is the second year for leBizarre pARTy: a platform for local/young/experimental artists and performers to showcase their works and talents from all levels of expertise. I was asked to create the call-for-submission poster, as well as the event poster. For the former, I illustrated a hairy monkey with his legs opened asking the artists to "Show us your stuff!" I wanted something provocative and humorous. The latter - the event poster - featured a monster painting itself, preparing himself for show.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Pie Eaters

Graduation Project
Children's Book Illustrator
Fall 2009

The Pie Eaters is a children’s book created to teach children that meat comes from animals and that, when they eat meat, they should be mindful of where it comes from and use it wisely.

Adopting an indirect method of story-telling, the plot blossomed into the story of The Pie Eaters. Here, the food becomes the teacher of values and judgement in the magical Land-of-No-Lights. The story draws several parallels to reality, giving children a new perspective on the value of food.

Special thanks to instructor Casey Hrynkow for guiding me through the project development and editing the writing, and writer Farideh Kheradmand for inspiring me with her expertise on children.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

leGift Mini-Concert

November 2009

This is the branding for the leGift Mini-Concert sponsored by UBC Literature Etc., Starbucks, World Vision and Jolly's Indian Bistro. The musical night is an attempt to help fundraise for the World Vision's Operation Christmas Child.

"An early celebration of the Christmas season, but this time, we send blessings to the other end of the world. Inspired by World Vision's Operation Christmas Child, UBC Literature Etc.'s talent pool showcases their musical passions with a fundraising concert, to raise fund for Christmas gift items. Join us in this great cause and become a blessing to World Vision Children."

Issue 10 Release Party Poster

Memewar Society
Fall 2009

I first helped out the Memewar Society as a loose intern. Oddly, it felt more like a client-based identity rebranding project, or even an Adobe InDesign teaching tutorial. Later I was asked to design the Issue 10 Release Party poster. First I took a typographic approach to the design, because Memewar - to me - stood out as a text heavy literature magazine. Because the members of the Society felt the typographic approach was too boring and not inviting enough, I added in the accompanying monster as the graphic pow. Both these versions didn't make it to print.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ultimate Sushi

leBizarre Party
Spring 2009

I am a big fan of seafood.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

leMook 14

UBC Literature Etc.
Art Director
Spring 2009

This is my last issue of leMook as the art director. I am extremely grateful for all the experiences I’ve learned and gathered, and for all the helping hands on this two year journey.

For the 14th issue of leMook, we've decided to embrace the Chinese ideology of xiaosa (瀟灑) - and thus xiaosa-ism - as the feature. Amusingly, the definition of xiaosa is unmatched in the English language; it is roughly a fusion of individuality, attitude, heroism, simplicity, righteousness and/or many admirable humanistic qualities impossible to achieve. Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings also attribute to this untranslatable concept, and thus Chinese calligraphy became the overall art direction.

The calligraphic style took me two months to develop, and I can proudly say that it best suits the idea of xiaosa than any other typefaces we've came across. And being someone of grade two elementary school Chinese level, I am extremely happy with the results.

UBC Literature Etc. was founded in the summer of 2002 by Elisa Chiu, a former undergraduate student at UBC, passionate in all aspects of art. She particularly wanted to collect Chinese literary works from all around the globe and publish a semi-annual magazine (April, September) based in Vancouver, now named "leMook", that is completely written, illustrated, and designed by students. Today, this publication has become the basis for our club.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Wall

Ink on white wall

Wall is also my canvas.