Wednesday, February 4, 2009

leMook 13

UBC Literature Etc.
Art Director
Autumn 2008

The feature theme for leMook 13 is Humanism. Due to the seriousness of this topic, we've kept the inside to black and white, using a serif type for a more formal approach, and photography to represent the Humanistic reality. The special project this issue is of course the 2nd Taiwanese Film Festival (2008): Foot Prints of Youth.

UBC Literature Etc. was founded in the summer of 2002 by Elisa Chiu, a former undergraduate student at UBC, passionate in all aspects of art. She particularly wanted to collect Chinese literary works from all around the globe and publish a semi-annual magazine (April, September) based in Vancouver, now named "leMook", that is completely written, illustrated, and designed by students. Today, this publication has become the basis for our club.