Wednesday, July 8, 2009

leMook 14

UBC Literature Etc.
Art Director
Spring 2009

This is my last issue of leMook as the art director. I am extremely grateful for all the experiences I’ve learned and gathered, and for all the helping hands on this two year journey.

For the 14th issue of leMook, we've decided to embrace the Chinese ideology of xiaosa (瀟灑) - and thus xiaosa-ism - as the feature. Amusingly, the definition of xiaosa is unmatched in the English language; it is roughly a fusion of individuality, attitude, heroism, simplicity, righteousness and/or many admirable humanistic qualities impossible to achieve. Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings also attribute to this untranslatable concept, and thus Chinese calligraphy became the overall art direction.

The calligraphic style took me two months to develop, and I can proudly say that it best suits the idea of xiaosa than any other typefaces we've came across. And being someone of grade two elementary school Chinese level, I am extremely happy with the results.

UBC Literature Etc. was founded in the summer of 2002 by Elisa Chiu, a former undergraduate student at UBC, passionate in all aspects of art. She particularly wanted to collect Chinese literary works from all around the globe and publish a semi-annual magazine (April, September) based in Vancouver, now named "leMook", that is completely written, illustrated, and designed by students. Today, this publication has become the basis for our club.