Monday, July 14, 2008

leMook 12

UBC Literature Etc.
Art Director
Spring 2008

leMook 12, featuring Urbanism as the primary topic and complimented with the photographically beautiful Special Project: Travel Journalism, is the newest issue of the UBC Literature Etc. leMook series. The creative approach was to balance the serious topic of Urbanism with an attractive and easy-going illustrative style to soften the text. Being the art director and the illustrator, I really enjoyed this particular project. It allowed me to further explore my drawing style in the humorous direction. It also led to the creation of freehand typography - two styles both in the English alphabets and Chinese characters.

UBC Literature Etc. was founded in the summer of 2002 by Elisa Chiu, a former undergraduate student at UBC, passionate in all aspects of art. She particularly wanted to collect Chinese literary works from all around the globe and publish a semi-annual magazine (April, September) based in Vancouver, now named "leMook", that is completely written, illustrated, and designed by students. Today, this publication has become the basis for our club.