Monday, May 3, 2010

We dream of the Universe.

Graduation Exhibition 2010
May 2010

The We dream of the Universe. booklet series is my graduation project for the spring semester of the year 2010. I would like to thank instructor Sharon Romero for her constant support, my dream projector, the guiding voices in my dream, my dream guardian Guan Yin, my classmates and Howard.

Each dream has been recorded and rewritten to the accuracy of my memory. Each concept has been shaped and interpreted through these nocturnal therapies. Each idea is honest. Each word is genuine. I lay my dreams out to share; because through the act of sharing drea
ms, will we solve the Universe and of Life.


Hidden worlds or not, I believe dreams are powerful. They are sources of creativity. We can find valuable answers, illuminating inspirations, and brilliant revelations through these nocturnal therapies.

The activity of sharing dreams has been a daily practice conducted by the early civilizations and the indigenous peoples long ago. In our modern culture, we have neglected this part of life. I wish to bring back this ancient practice that had been once celebrated to enrich our creative thinking and aid us in the understanding of the Universe and of Life. Perhaps through the act of sharing dreams, will we unravel the true Universe undiscovered by science.