Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taiwanese Film Festival 2010

Director of Design
Summer 2010

The Taiwanese Film Festival 2010 was another success. I am very happy and honored to have led the design this year with Ivy Mao. The branding was focused on the everyday Taiwan - something real and something cultural (but not overly cultural of course). We chuckled and laughed at the idea of the electric fan - something so odd and neglected, and whimsical perhaps due to its shape. But neverless, it was the saviour to the very humid and extremely hot summers of Taiwan. We voted on the idea and held a photoshoot with Pinky Li as our model at Ivy Mao's home - which was decorated with some very traditional Taiwanese furnitures. Then comes the typography - Letter Gothic and Franklin Gothic Pro for the English, and a stretched Hei for the Chinese (yes, I know to never stretch type but for this particular case it turned out great). We even used the Chinese punctuation mark - the circular period - for enhancement.

We had a great team of designers this year: Daisy Wu, Ivy Mao, Spencer Lee, Lily Poon and Teresa Chen. Thank you everybody for the hardwork, we put on a great show! Oh, and shame on you if you missed it (kidding, but we would love for you to join us next year at TWFF2011).